Hi, I'm Mandy - A Certified Gallup Strengths Coach & Leadership Mentor. I can help you uncover your natural talents and help you to become a more confident & impactful leader.


Mandy Hamerla

What Does it Take to Become an Exceptional Leader? 

In today's complex, modern world, you may sometimes feel overwhelmed or out of your depth, as you face new challenges as a Leader.

It's not always easy to know how to:

👉 Navigate your own emotions, self-doubt and imposter syndrome

👉 Assess your own performance

👉 Manage and drive the performance of your team

👉 Create a great place to work and motivate your team

👉 Engage in difficult conversations 

👉 Manage customer / team expectations

👉 Think strategically and develop a compelling vision & values

👉 Confidently lead your team through change 

There's so one-size fits all when it comes to leadership. So, by identifying and leveraging your natural talents and strengths, it makes it feel a lot easier. This is because you can start to lead in a way that feels more authentic and effortless.

What people trust and respect is authenticity. It’s not just what you know but who you are that makes you an inspiring leader. 

Want to learn more about Gallup Strengths? 

Watch this video which explains the notion of strengths and how people are different. It gives an introduction into the Strengths Assessment process. 

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"What GREAT leaders have in common is that each really knows their strengths, has developed their strengths, and can call on the right strength at the right time".


- Don Clifton, Founder of Clifton Strengths

How It Works

If you're interesting in investing in coaching, the first step is to jump on a complimentary 30-minute video call so we can get to know each other a little better.

During the call you have the chance to understand and clarify whether coaching is right for you. You can share a bit about your story and ask as many questions as you might have.

After all, this investment and working with me as your coach should feel right for you.

When you’re ready to start, here is what’s going to happen:

All coaching programs will start with a Gallup Strengths Finder Assessment (Clifton Strengths) and then an initial 90-minute onboarding session via Zoom to get to know each other and understand your coaching goals, your leadership strengths, development areas and challenges.

From here, I will design a Coaching Programme based on your bespoke goals and leadership development areas, so that you can become a more impactful, confident and authentic leader. This will typically be a three or six month programme.

Examples of what we can work on together:

  • Defining your leadership style and mantra
  • Gain clarity over your leadership values and purpose
  • Fully understand, apply and celebrate your unique strengths
  • Overcome your blind spots and perceived weaknesses
  • Enhance your leadership impact and confidence
  • Grow your resilience and improve your well-being
  • Apply your strengths to your next big goal or challenge
  • Build a team around your strengths

What's Included in a Coaching Package:

  • Individualised coaching plan
  • Clifton Strengths 34 Report
  • 1 x 90min kick off session
  • Fortnightly 60min 1:1 coaching sessions via Zoom
  • Ongoing support & check-ins between sessions via email/voice message
  • Pre-work/homework for each session (tailored worksheets & exercises)
  • Variety of leadership tools and cheat sheets
  • Individualised strengths-based resources
  • Individual development and action plan


3 Months - £3,297 + VAT

6 Months - £4,497 + VAT

Mandy Hamerla

Meet Mandy - Your Strengths Coach

I'm an Award-Winning Leadership Mentor and Certified Gallup Strengths Coach, and a Qualified & Experienced HR Director (FCIPD).

I've had my fair share of leadership successes and mistakes and so much learning as I moved up the corporate ladder to become a Global HR Director, with a team of 30 employees.

I've been running Modern HR since 2017 and I'm trusted by Trustees, CEOs & Directors as their 1-1 Coaching Partner.

I offer a safe space to talk openly, without judgement, about your leadership challenges and struggles and offer coaching support to help you overcome these.

As your coach, I'll be in your corner, by your side. If you are overwhelmed or feel stuck, I will help you gain clarity and figure out your next steps. I will always support you to be your true self, be courageous, and lead with impact and confidence.

I have a very strict approach to confidentiality and you can trust that everything said stays between us. I won't publish your name or announce that we are working together.

My Top 5 Strengths are: Relator | Achiever | Strategic | Maximiser | Self-Assurance


If you've made it to the bottom of the page, it tells me you're either REALLY interested or you’ve got a few unanswered questions. Let’s cover all those for you right now!

What is Strengths Coaching?

Strengths coaching is all about YOU. It’s a proven step-by-step process that will set you up with the skills to confidently continue to lead with your strengths in the future.

Strengths coaching builds up on the natural talents that are already there within you. It focuses on what’s unique about you, so you can be more confident, achieve your goals, manage teams effectively and overcome challenges in your own unique and authentic way.

How will Strengths Coaching benefit me?

If you’ve ever felt unsure of your natural strengths, doubted yourself when it comes to leading others confidently, making a decision or selling yourself, engaging in difficult conversations, or struggling to find your authentic leadership style…then this coaching program is for you. All you have to bring along is curiosity, an open mind and a willingness to grow within yourself. It’s time to wave imposter syndrome goodbye and step up as the authentic leader you are.

How much time will I need to invest?

You’ll complete your Gallup Clifton Strengths Finder Assessment and the pre-work exercises before we kick off. This will take approx. 60 min to complete.

Then we will have a kick-off session, where we will spend 90 min together.

As part of your journey, you are highly encouraged to complete your assignments and reflection so you can experience your takeaways from each session first-hand in real-life settings. The workload can fit around a busy life and is tailored to see takeaways from your daily experiences as you go along.

In addition to the fortnightly 60 min coaching sessions, you might want to dedicate 30-60 min each week to complete your assignments.


Great leadership is not easy. It requires commitment, self-awareness and continuous learning. Together we will figure out what is already there within you, ready to be discovered
and empowered.