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Level Up Your Leadership Skills & Build a High Performing Team

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Leadership Accelerator Programme.

A unique combination of high-impact leadership training and personalised coaching and support, designed to elevate your leadership skills, confidence and team performance.

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If you're a leader, I bet you're facing one (or more) of these challenges?

πŸ‘‰ Frustration with Team Performance: You feel like you give really clear instructions, but your team just isn't performing in line with your expectations. You know the team is capable of more, but you need some help to unlock their potential. Plus, the pressure of hiring and retaining top talent feels like a never-ending struggle.

πŸ‘‰ Overwhelmed by Leadership Demands: You're juggling countless responsibilities, often feeling like you're barely keeping your head above water, longing for a clear path forward. You long for better ways of working, to take back control.

πŸ‘‰ Struggling with Delegation: Despite your best efforts, you find it incredibly challenging to delegate. It feels like no one can meet your standards, forcing you to handle tasks yourself. But it's tenable and you're wanting to make a
change in order to have more freedom.

πŸ‘‰ Suffering with Imposter Syndrome: Despite your accomplishments, there's a nagging doubt about your leadership abilities. You put on a brave face, but deep down, you long to lead authentically and be genuinely recognised as the strong, effective leader you aspire to be.

πŸ‘‰ Avoiding Difficult Conversations: Critical feedback and tough conversations are a constant source of anxiety. You tend to avoid them, leading to unresolved issues and a lack of accountability within your team, which only fuels your frustration.

Plus, you may also be dealing with team conflict, talent shortages, organisational politics, managing your managers, managing up and so much more!

If one (or more) of these challenges resonate with you, then you're in the right place.

Being a leader in this modern world, isn't always easy. But the sad truth is....

Most leaders don't have access to the right leadership training and support to set them up for success.

So, I wanted to change that!...

My goal was to create a transformational experience that would empower leaders to thrive, in the most personalised, effective and affordable way.

It needed to fit around a busy schedule and help leaders to overcome the unique challenges they were facing.


Accelerator Programme

Leadership Accelerator

The first step is for you to complete the Gallup Strengths Assessment, to determine your natural talents and optimal leadership style.

Then we'll create your
90-day success plan to identify the key focus areas that will level up your leadership and team and / or team performance.

After this, you'll gain access to
my leadership training & resources library, which will equip you with modern leadership skills and strategies to accelerate your success. Plus, you'll learn my proven framework, to empower you to build a high performing team.

And you'll have 1-1 Coaching with me, for extra support and accountability.

This unique combination will mean we can accelerate your confidence, skills and results in 90 days or less


How would it feel to finally become the leader you want to be, and get the best out of yourself and your team?

Just imagine...

Smashing your goals, because you have assembled a high performing team, that's a joy to lead.

Feeling empowered to say 'no' to requests when you've previously said yes, without feeling guilty.

Trusting your instincts (rather than second-guessing yourself) and making confident, timely decisions.

Leadership Training

This self-paced training will teach you everything you need to level up your leadership impact and build a high performing team. Topics include:

- Management Vs. Leadership

- Developing your unique Leadership Philosophy and Mindset
- Strategic / Commercial Thinking
- Effective Communication and Active Listening
- Public Speaking and Presentation Skills
- Designing, Building and Leading High-Performing Teams
- Managing Managers.

- Conflict Resolution
- Decision-Making Techniques
- Implementing Transformational Changes
- Coaching made easy
- Spotting & Tackling poor performance
- Creating an Inclusive Workplace

- Leading team meetings and impactful 1-1s
- Giving Feedback
- Holding Difficult Conversations
- Navigating Organisational Politics
- Personal Development Plans
- Building Resilience
- Time Management and Productivity Strategies

And more!

All your questions will be answered along the way πŸ˜€

Plus, in addition to the training, you will also receive....

1-1 Coaching & Mentoring from Mandy

With 1-on-1 leadership coaching, you'll receive dedicated support from me, to accelerate your leadership confidence and impact, based on your individual challenges and aspirations.

Whether you need to work on your confidence, navigating organisational politics, decision-making abilities or strategic thinking, I will help you set realistic goals, track your progress, and celebrate your achievements, keeping you motivated and on track.

The coaching will be tailored to ensure that you receive the support you need in a way that suits your schedule and preferences. You can choose from in-depth discussions, flexible voice note coaching for on-the-go advice, or a hybrid of both for maximum impact. This flexibility allows you to integrate coaching seamlessly into your busy life, ensuring consistent progress and development.

[Mandy has been awarded as the Leadership Mentor of the Year 2023 & 2024. She is a Certified Gallup Strengths Coach and worked as a Global HR Director, leading a team of 30. ]

Mandy Hamerla

Gallup - Clifton Strengths Assessment

You'll also undertake the CliftonStrengths assessment, a powerful tool designed to identify your unique talents and strengths.

This in-depth evaluation, trusted by millions around the world, will provide you with invaluable insights into your natural abilities, helping you to maximise your performance both personally and professionally.

By understanding your top strengths, you can harness what you naturally do best as a leader and apply it to achieve greater success. Imagine having a clear understanding of how to leverage your strengths to improve productivity, enhance teamwork, and increase your overall satisfaction in both your career and personal life.

This powerful tool will empower you to make more informed decisions, communicate more effectively, and navigate challenges with ease.

Transform your life by unlocking the power of your strengths!


This is an exclusive, VIP one-to-one programme, and because of that joining is by application only


● To apply for a place and to see if working together is the right fit, book a call directly with me using the button below.


● On this call we'll have a friendly conversation about where you are and put together a plan to get you to where you want to be.


● If at the end of I'm certain I can help and we both feel like it's the right fit, then we can talk about what working together going forward can look like.

I'd love for you to join the Leadership Accelerator Programme and level up your leadership skills and team performance.


Meet Mandy - Your New BFF

mandy awards

Hi! I'm Mandy Hamerla

I'm the Founder of Modern HR. I'm a qualified & experienced HR Director and an Award Winning Leadership Mentor. 

I'm also a Certified Gallup Strengths Coach, which means I've been trained by Gallup, a world-leading organisation, to use their Clifton Strengths Assessment to help you identify your natural talents.

I've led lots of Leadership & Management Development Programmes during my 20-year career. And I've coached Board Members, CEO's and Leaders to help them build high performing teams.

My speciality topics are leadership confident, leading with impact, navigating organisational politics and high performing teams. I'm really passionate about helping leaders to thrive in their roles, because it's a win-win for everyone.

Mandy Hamerla

I've lead my own teams - including a team of 30 HR Professionals globally. So, I know first hand the challenges that come with managing people - especially people who are different to you, and work in a completely different way.

I know there's hundreds of leadership training courses out there, but many teach out-dated theories and practices that just don't work in the modern world of work.

So, I wanted to create a programme that was affordable but also effective. Where you can learn at your own pace, using high-quality leadership techniques with support to accelerate results.

Now’s the time to get excited because it's time for you to start backing yourself and stepping up into your next level of leadership too.

Sound too good to be true?

It's really not.

This transformative programmes will give you access to a wealth of training, resources and coaching that will empower you to overcome challenges, enhance your strategic thinking, and inspire your team.

This programme has been designed to help you:

  • Feel more confident as a leader, with an authentic Leadership Style & Mantra
  • Have more authority and gravitas in challenging situations
  • Have the skills and tools to hire the right people, first time
  • Be able to hold powerful 1-1 meetings with your team
  • Have set SMART goals and objectives to drive your team's success.
  • Be equipped to deal with conflict and resistance
  • Create comprehensive talent and succession plans for key roles.


It’s totally right for you to want all of the information before committing and I’m happy to answer your questions.

Dive into the FAQs below, and if you still have questions, drop me an email on or complete the application form here, with no obligations or commitments.

Q. What is this Leadership Programme?

It's a VIP leadership programme, designed to help you become a more confident and impactful leader and give you a framework, so that you can build a high performing team.

Q. Who is this for?

This programme is for everyone in a leadership role, looking to master the key leadership skills as set out above.

It's perfect for:

  • StartUp Founders & Managing Directors
  • Directors and Head of Departments, within an organisation
  • First Time or Aspiring Leaders - Getting ready to step up into a leadership role

Q. I'm a leader outside the UK. Can I join?

Whilst I welcome all leaders, this programme is for leaders based in England, Scotland and Wales. This is primarily because we may cover the legal aspects of leading people and laws in other countries may vary.

Q: Tell me more the Gallup Strengths Assessment I get?

The Gallup Strengths Assessment, commonly known as CliftonStrengths, stands as a valuable tool for leaders to identify and leverage their top 34 strengths, denoted as "Signature Themes." Crafted by Gallup, this assessment equips leaders with personalised insights into their unique talents. By focusing on these strengths, leaders can enhance their decision-making, communication, and overall leadership proficiency.

Q: Are you a certified Gallup Strengths Coach?

Yes I am. I have led hundreds of 1-1 coaching sessions with individuals including Board Members, CEO's, Leaders & Managers. These are all strictly confidential and only between the individual and myself.

Q: Do you run bespoke leadership programmes for organisations?

If are part of an organisation looking to enrol 5+ leaders, book a free consultation here and we can chat about what you're looking for.

Got another question I've not covered here? Send me an email and we'll get back to you ASAP -